Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't get lost in the technology rat race!!

First and foremost you have to be clear that you are a photographer for the sheer pleasure of expressing, communicating and creating. Lately since the digital revolution, if we can call it like this, it has all been about making you buy the latest and most advanced camera, computer, software, lens, memory card etc, etc. Photography used to be all about vision and creativity. The masters of yesteryear would use the same camera for years till they did not work properly any more. Then they went and bought the same model they were using. (Leicas, Hassies, Mamiyas, Rolleiflexs) Cameras and lenses took a back seat to the photographer's creativity and vision. Manufacturers took pride in the equipment they were building, and hand built lenses were the envy among them.
Nowadays it all seems its about how many mega pixels a camera's processor can process, or how good the software you are using to manipulate the image( it seems it's not longer called a photograph).
The equipment manufacturers have turned the tables, in my opinion, and have made cameras obsolete in a matter of months. On the other hand the old standards are still excellent photographic instruments. I challenge anyone that cares to differ and is willing to match a modern auto everything top of the line $30.000.00 Hasselblad, to a Hassie of yesteryear or even a humble Pentax 6x7. It appears its not longer vital the quality of the lens, the focus is on the processor and the manipulation of the image.
We should not rush any stage of the creative process, careful light metering,and composition are still vital in determining the result of a good photograph. And we should not look for shortcuts, or shoot 400 photos playing the odds and relying on the outer chance that at least one will be good enough.
I did not get in photography to make a quick buck or to have an software designer do my work. I got into photography and have dedicated my life to being a photographer because I believe in its power to communicate ideas, feelings, dreams, beauty. I don't care for shortcuts, I want quality and dedication from the people providing my tools.