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How to Maximize Your Photography Budget.

In order to obtain a satisfactory result when hiring a professional photographer you should take into consideration some key determining factors. The first one , and most important, is the use you are going to give to the photograph. It may be for promotional materials like brochures or fliers, it could be for your online website or an email promo, it could be for a retail piece or a catalog. Once you have determined this then you can start doing your research on which photographic service best suits your needs and your budget.

A good quality photograph could serve, if well planned and shot, for more than one of your needs thus being more cost effective and a better solution for you. If you pay attention to big retailers like jeans and sneakers manufacturers to name a few, they use many of the same photographs in different compositions for several materials. This materials go from magazine ads to bill boards and from price tag art to posters. This companies maximize the mileage they get from their photographs thus making them more effective. You should think in the mileage you are getting from your photographic expenditures, and make sure the photographer you hire have your best interest in mind when producing your photographs. You should always get high resolution photographs, this should not be a negotiating point on behalf of the photographer. High resolution=high quality and this is a key element on getting the most out of your money. A high resolution image can be used in several materials and be cropped in different ways. Also very important is that you ask for different angle and lighting options this is key in maximizing your budget.

You should always ask for pricing options also, ask a per hour rate, a per day rate, a per photo chosen rate and a per job/contract rate. Like we mentioned before photographic quality should not be subject to negotiation. No matter if you buy one photograph or 50 the quality has to be the same. Ask for original raw files, this will allow you to have the largest file available from the camera in use. This is very important for the flexibility of use you can give to your photographs, increasing its mileage. Also ask for low resolution files in Jpeg format so you can easily view them and sort them out. RAW files can be take more time or require special software to view. Have a pre-production meeting with the photographer before you do the actual shoot and discuss all the details from backdrops to props to be used, and make sure you get a detailed cost description. Sometimes hidden or not discussed costs can be a source of argument and cause trouble. Feel free to drop us a line for a free quote and any other consultation you may have regarding the hiring of professional photographic services.